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Mission Statement

The youth club shall have the following as its principle purpose and objectives:

   - To improve and develop the capabilities of youth, both individually, and through group participation, in the breeding, raising, and exhibition of the American Quarter Horse
   - To develp and improve scholarship, leadership, community interest, intiative, self-reliance, high moral character, sportsmanship, and other desirable traits of character for young horse enthusiasts
   - To encourage safety and education through the teaching and learning of horsemanship
   - To instill an appreciation for and promate the rights and welfare of horses
   - To introduce youth members to the parent organization, the Western New York Quarter Horse Club, Inc. 

Membership qualifications—Any interested youth (regardless of the state or county of residence) shall be eligible for membership in the Youth Club, provided s/he is eighteen years of age or under as of January 1 of the year for which membership is applied.


-- Quinn Wilson was recently named 2013 4H Region 1 Senior Horse Bowl Champion, and last year in the 2012 Jr. Division, she was 1st in the 4H Horse Bowl Invitational at the NYS Fair. She received 1st place for Region 1 Hippology and 3rd in the State Hippology Contest at NYS Fair too.  Quinn is hoping to take a local Horse Bowl team to Congress this year too.  

-- Rose Paxon competed in the Region 1 Horse Bowl, Junior Division with Niagara County 4H and recieved 4th place overall in the individual achievement category and as a result, she qualified to complete at the State level competition which will be held April 20 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

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